Gastric Bypass Surgery

A thread was started in the Off-Topic forum the day before I was to undergo gastric bypass surgery and the following was my response to it. I'm putting this an subsequent follow-ups in a blog since that just seem a reasonable thing to do.

My response to the thread:

It's interesting that this should show up today of all days. Tomorrow morning I am having gastric bypass surgery!

I am presently 333 lb. My high weight was about 408 lb. For most of the last 15 years I have been stuck at 377 lb, but my diabetes and inability to keep my sugars under control has brought that down to the 330 lb to 350 lb range for the last couple of years. But NOT the way to lose weight!

I am hoping that in a couple of days I will be off insulin. That's the main reason for resorting to surgery -- it has about a 70% to 80% success of getting Type II diabetics who are still producing insulin off their insulin almost immediately. The average (note: average) weight loss for someone my size is 90lb to 110lb in the first six months. Given that I likely have about 20lb of excess skin that won't be going away without expensive surgery, I am looking at a goal weight of 190lb to 210lb for my large, 6'00" frame. So, conceivably, I could be within striking distance of my goal weight within six months. More realistically, I am hoping to get to 200lb by my 50th birthday (which is in 10.5 months). But if I'm only able to get below 250lb AND get off all of my meds (other than the rat poison, which has nothing to do with my weight or diabetes), I will count that as a major win, provided I can actually maintain it. Since 250 lb is "only" a loss of 85 lb from where I presently am, I am making this my primary six-month goal. But 275 lb will be acceptable and even if I'm only below 300 I won't get too bent out of shape. Though, I have to admit, since the typical weight loss is about 30 lb in the first 30 days, I am hoping to be below 300 lb by 26APR14 (which is then nine months out from my 50th) and this would not seem to be too overly optimistic. If it doesn't happen, I won't be crushed -- but I'm going to toe the line very tight and do everything I can to make it happen.

Of course, the key to my success is going to be two-fold -- (1) stick to the dietary restrictions, and (2) get my ass out of the chair and exercise!

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