floor annoucement

hi every one,
i want to make the simple circuit for automatic floor announcement in elevator project
complete description is given below

the lift is of 9 floors,when 1st floor comes,the announcement should be like "floor number one" by means of speaker,in my elevator project floor detection is done by reed switch.so i have this o/p for announcement
and for 2nd floor the announcement should be like "floor number second"..........and so...on..
this cycle has to be perform .
so i want the circuit solution
which ic should i use?

and waht i was suppose to do is that ...use counter ic...where in which pulse o/p of reed switch is given to the counter ic as clock pulse and it counts like wise ....but the problem is that how to use the count signal from counter ic to activate the speaker
plz give me the solution ,and if possible if any other way for this is convenient plz do suggest....
Thank you

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