flip flop series ,advanced, electronic controle demonstration

this video is a continuation of the master slave flip flop series, this is demonstrating how to take the basic circuits, already built, and how to configure them by manually placing jumper wires at certain locations in the circuitry, to perform the toggle functions.

Then I go on to show how I'm in the process of converting these circuits from manually placing wire routs, to perform functions, to using tranistor switches, to take the place of manual wiring routing, which will now enable me to use electronic signals to reconfigure the boards from one function to another.
This video shows the electronic conversion of the toggle function for these registers, and the electronic controle to combine the boards together to make a binary 4 bit counter function.

The next video will be to demonstrate the design of electronic switching, to reconfigure the boards from being a binary counter, to a shift register, all at the push of a button.

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