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I've been thoroughly enjoying this websites articles and following it's facebook feed. I was unaware of how much it had expanded and did not know it had a blog and forum, so I'm putting something up just to share.
I'm in the last year of my Electrical Engineering degree at SDSU, and currently working on my degrees equivalent cap-stone project, so I'm super excited about that.
I'm also in an engineering club that participates in the AUVSI Robosub competition, and just finished my first 4 layer board design for that. I did the motherboard, this is an older render so not all the components are on it, but the mechanical team needed something for the model to get dimensions correct, and I wanted something for our GBM slides since the MEs always have fancy CGI renders :D

I'm desperately wishing I had more hours in the day to take on other projects.

I have owned a CatGenie for the past few years, and it's out of warranty now and it has DRM sanitizer cartridges. Of all the evils..... :mad: After some searching I was happy to find that the entire thing is just run off of a PIC microcontroller, and someone has already created a modified firmware for it. So I'm hoping to get some time soon to pull out it's board, grab my PICkit3, and stick it to the man :cool:

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