#First all nighter

So, here's the thing.

Got coursework due in on Friday.

Lots of work set, really too much set to do during the time allotted each week (seriously, not typical student excuse).

So here I am. Not too much to do now. Mainly organising it. What good is a tidy logbook? Logbooks should be messy and filled with nuggets of information. So I need to take a picture of the LDR potential divider to prove I built it. -_- urgh. Ah well.

Also, all our programs have to put in a references at the back - the anti plagiarism software detects the similar syntax and very similar word choice (set by instruction set really).

Ah well. Three red bulls, four packs of Wotsits and four bars of Fry's Turkish Delight in. Not doing too bad I think.

Well. Have a good morning and evening where ever you are. Let's have a good day.

You only live once, ehehe. :)


P.S. Got computing tomorrow, that's always a good thing.

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