Finally some real results!!!

Well, I;m gigglin like a school girl now. Been a while but I finally finished my Power supply and the thing actually works!!! Thats two working projects and as soon as the ribbon connectors arrive I will probably have 4 or 5 depending on which stepper boards I hook up. The AVTHC project is moving along nicely now. Even though the forum dissapproves of Picaxe, I am making progress on getting the programing worked out, and all of the components assembled so it wont be long before I can test the device in the shop. I still gotta mill the tool holder for the torch and proximity switch, but thats a short time project. Yeehaw, I am pleased, some results finally!!!

Quick update:
I am rapidly running out of room to properly store parts. I have been looking at the 60+ drawer clear parts bin cabinets, but they are way expensive. Especially since I would ultimately need 4 now and several more as my bench stock continues to expand. I'm thinking a dozen 60 drawer cabinets when all is said and done. That would allow seperation of E-12 series resistors, caps and pots. Larger switches and connectors would have to go in larger grawers for misc parts. Just the IDC connectors I have in stock will take almost 30 drawers if I seperate the male and female components. When I seperate the IDC from Crimp connector style it gets even larger. What have I done? Oh well back to tinkering. The brew troller and the torch height control are still in the works, just havent been well enough to go out to the shop to mill parts in the heat.

Additional update 7/14/2012
Found some really nice Stack-On 30 drawer storage cabinets for a much more reasonable price. Got three to start with and have one filled and the second well on the way. I am seperating discreet components 2 -3 items pper drawer so there will be plenty of room for additional parts and expansion later. I used to run an auto parts department at a dealer and that was alway maddening when a new item came in and the box was full and the shelf too. Ended up m,oving to many bins to just add one number. So I am leaving lots of room between parts to add dividers and expand as my available parts selections expand too. All told I have over 125 drawers available and each drawer will comfortably hold 4 items so I just start at two per drawer for the time being. I realize it is wasting space, but I will probably need it later. The current push on components has been caps and resistors in 1/4. 1/2. 1,2, qnd 5 watt. Caps are several different materials like Polyester, and electrolytics as well as carbon and metal resistors. I'm slowly but surely getting to the point that I can just sit down and build without delays of waiting for common components to arrive. I have still been buying the selsctions and combos from chinese suppliers and have not found an out of spec item yet. I check every box as it arrives so I know they are in spec and as advertised. So far so good. Knock off parts can be an issue, but for the difference in price I have done well and saved at least 75% which I have reinvested in additional items. Thats about it for this evening, pics soon.
Wheelchair Bob

Continuing to accumulate parts and pieces. Found a few great deals on common goodies last week like 100 metal LED holders and when they got here, they even had LED's already installed. Definately worth the 9 buck I paid for just the holders. Wire wrap tools and bits are all here, and looking for a really good way to hang them to make them more usable on my bench. Storage continues to be an issue, but I did find a vendor who doesb't think his stuff is all gold. Therty drawer cabinets are running about 22 bucks each and deliver super duper fast too. Logical parts selection and storage sure makes building a project very enjoyable. I have alphabetized all the components by major group like Cap, then broken down the diferent materials and then broken that down to the values level. So if I am looking for a poly cap it is just after an electrolytic and just before Tantalums. So far I have been very happy with this approach except when adding new components which neccessitates moving a few drawers to keep everything in alpha order. Not really a big issue, but could be in the future as my collection continues to grow. The ultimate goal is to be able to build anything I want without having to wait on any parts to arrive froma vendor. It's a giant size goal but I think over time entirely a doable approach. Many items will sit in stock forever, others will get used up and replaced. It all ballances out in the long run hopefully.

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