Electronic Products Life Expectancy.

Recent Electronic circuit failures (un-repairable) have convinced me that 7 years is the useful life of most integrated circuits and circuit paths even when covered with solder mask. The culprit apparently is the Tin (Sn) element whisker growth in Tin-Lead solder. Tin whiskers will short out internal (and external) circuit paths and there is no fix available. Also, plastic migration (expansion) in packaging is a major flaw in parts where a sliding surface is required (CD and Tape players). The useful life here is probably less than 10 years and may even be less than 7. Trying to repair Electronic products is largely an exercise in futility. Buy new is my suggestion...and this applies to everything including motor vehicles. See Modern Marvels, episode 19 for some chilling evidence.

adden: Thrown out: All old tube type TV's & Monitors & Oscilloscopes, VHS, DVD & CD players, Record Players; (saved Classic LP's), 8-track Players, Walkmans, Car Radios, Amplifiers (Saved Masco tube Amps), Laptop Computers that no longer functioned, Hard Drive Towers (drilled), Phones, Dial & Touch-tone types, AM & FM & clock radios. This made a pile 6' x 8' x 4' for the Waste Haulers.

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