Egg Hatching Machine Using Thermo 6 Click Board

The aim of the project is to make a fully automatic egg hatching machine.
It will use the Thermo 6 Click board for temperature sensor. It will use RaspberryPi for my controller with a 5” LCD Touchscreen and also a few motors for flipping the eggs twice a day and a spray gun motor for water mist so it will automate and control the entire process. The user will just need to put the eggs into the machine and to determine what kind of eggs that they wanted to hatch. The machine will determine the hatching process and timing process based on the information that chosen.

And also i will use an infrared sensor to sense each egg for life signs. When there is egg/s that did not have a life signs after 4 days, the user will be alerted to takeaway the egg/s through the touchscreen LCD.

Raspberry Pi 3
5" LCD with touchscreen
Thermo 6 click board
motorized water mist spray
stepper motor
Stepper motor driver
specialized box and mechanism




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