Down the rabbit hole

The very great deal of interest in obtaining greater mileage from gasoline through water electrolysis has been interesting to try to investigate.

I have had to dismiss most claims as pure hogwash, as the "science" behind the invention is either so garbled as to be made up, or else pure fabrication.

I thought the "Joe cell" was about the limit, as it claims to operate on "orgone energy". This was touted back in the 70's as a means of reenergizing oneself by sitting in a box - orgone box, natch - and becoming permeated with this energy. Pyramids were also popular energy sources. They sharpened razor blades, among other claims.

But running across the Joe cell prompted me to look further. Yep, you can still get an orgone box! What is even better, the ether (or aether [there used to be a print character that combined the 'a' and the 'e'] if you like that) is still with us.

Sadly, it's not the lumineniferous ether that Michelson and Morely went looking for. But it's now capable of even more, if rather vaguely-defined, functions than just passing light waves.

See the papers and links from this location - - and you can be entertained for hours. Another site with really great reading offerings -

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