DIY Electric Bicycle, Entry #9: Building the Bike

To begin with, I'd like to mention that I found a relatively small 12 volt car battery out of a Volkswagen Rabbit. It is much narrower than a standard car battery, not to mention about half the weight:

For this reason, I think it will work well to power the bike.

Anyway, back to the bike construction...
The first thing I wanted to build was the rack, to hold the motor and the battery. I figured this would be one of the most important parts to build for this project, and also one of the easiest.
To start with, I needed to figure out how to connect the rack to the back of the seat post. I looked at it and noticed that there was plenty of room on the clamp that holds the seat:

It would be very easy to build a simple bracket to connect the rack to the bike. The following entries will show the process of attaching the rack.

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