DIY Electric Bicycle, Entry #5: How It Goes Together? (continued)

When I mentioned my idea of eliminating the pedals altogether on the forum, it was mentioned that there may be legal issues with doing that. I decided to look up the laws in my area pertaining to motorbikes. I found none specified for Vermont, the state in which I live, but I did find some federal laws. The one that caught my eye was the following:
CPSC rules stipulate that low speed electric bicycles (to include two and three wheel vehicles) are exempt from classification as motor vehicles providing they have fully operable pedals and a top motor-powered speed of less than 20 miles per hour (32 km/h) when operated by a rider weighing 170 pounds.
This obviously proved to be a problem. If I didn't have fully operable pedals, the law would require that I register it as a motorcycle. This would be very inconvenient, especially for a lot of DIYers. I realized that having the pedals was absolutely necessary. Once again, I had to completely rethink the layout of my bike.

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