Cyprus style grill (barbecue)

This is my second project at high school when I was 17 years old (the first is the modified parrot cage you can see in one of my albums). To give you an idea what a Cyprus style grill is see the first photo below.
With this ordinary grill, you can only adjust the height of the meat on the spits from the charcoals. Also, another problem is that when fat from the meat drops on the charcoals a fire is lit and you have to take care of it.
I tried to solve this problems by constructing a plastic version of this grill (appropriate for school contests) and add some extra controls.
In brief, it can automatically adjust the height of the spits as to keep the temperature of the cooked meat constant (the desired temperature is set by a potentiometer) and it can extinguish any fire cause by the meat fat by using the blue-yellow mechanism on its right side by spraying water. In addition, the spits do not just spin around themselves but they also spin about the grey rod (you can see it in the center of the 3 spits) as for the meat to be cooked better. This motion about the center grey rod can be continuous or you can set the upper spit to move to the position of a down spit and the down spit to move to the position of the upper spit every a programmable time interval.
This project gave me the second prize in another national Technology Contest in Cyprus.

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