Charging an 18650 battery with TP4056

Hello everyone I need some help please.
About 2 years ago I purchased two 18650 batteries and read that the best way to charge them was to use the TP4056 charging module, that's what I have been doing and everything has been fine.
The problem I have now
I have just purchased 2 more 18650 batteries from a different seller and I assumed that they were all the same.
I attempted to charge them as usual with my TP4056 module but after 7 hours they had only reached 3.93v?
(The new batteries are very slightly bigger) I just cant understand why I can charge my older batteries, but my new ones are taking far longer? maybe I need a dedicated charger?

I have attached details of my new battery & also a pic of my old GTL Battery
Thank you very much




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