An FM transmitter is one of the most popular devices between electronic hobbyist, professionals and even non-technical people. In this article, we gonna learn to how to build an easy, stable and digitally controllable FM transmitter. For this design, I have selected the VMR6512 module which...
Embarrassingly, it seems 'off-line life' has -once again- made 'liars' of us:rolleyes: -- That said, I can imagine no scenario preventing either of us returning to regular participation next week (i.e. that of Mon May 13, 2019). In the meantime I'm pleased to have found made time for the...
An obstacle detection unit is an essential part of a variety of projects, such as robotics and security applications. The infrared sensors are widely used for these types of applications. The main drawback of some circuit designs is that the detection units are sensitive to the outside lights...
Almost in any circuit design, building at least one regulation stage is necessary. Two power supply design options are available, which are linear and switching. The linear regulators are easy to build but inefficient, especially when there is a high difference between the input voltage and the...
FM transmitters/receivers are one of the top favorite circuits of every electronic designer. An FM transmitter is one of the first circuits that an electronic enthusiast decides to build. For this purpose, instead of using discrete components and building one of the traditional transmitter...
Reality = sum I=1 to infinity Of perceived_reality sub I + Actual_Reality { {\mathrm{P}(reality) =}\\ {\sum\limits_{i=1}^{\infty}\mathrm{P}(perception_i) +}\\ {\mathrm{P}(reality)}\\ }
Overview (Passive EHT Indicator) Principal Design goals: -To accurately measure 'floating' (i.e. non-ground referenced) DC EMFs to 100kV. (Zin=800MΩ). -To accurately measure positive or negative ground referenced DC EMFs to 75kV. (Zin =400MΩ). -To achieve stable readings via: Grounding of...
Yesterday, I was browsing old technical manuals on the internet when I came across the book that changed my whole life. I was eleven years old in 1949 and an avid sci-fi reader, inspired by the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. I regularly raided my father's private bookshelves to read...
Firstly, a visual comparison ('Real Fed' vs. 'Mini-Fed'): And now a minute 'exploration' of bona fide Federal Standard Connectors... Beginning with 3 external views of an 'unadorned' well: And an interior view -- Note the keyway (annotated): Well-flange hardware: Hardware fully...
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When shopping for a new scope a lot of things need to be considered: what bandwidth do I need? what sample rate and sample memory is required? Do I need additional functionality like serial decoding, or an MSO? Do I need active probing? And so on. However, there is one recommendation that...