chair is driven by two wheels, independent motors. I wish to add a third( single motor transaxle)Concept is small computer to” listen” in to the signals to the original motors, select the signal from the one turning the fastest and instruct thevtransaxle to turn at the same rate. Third motor to...
How do I get feedback to Robert Keim concerning "Electrical Symbols for Electronic Components: Passive Components" that is dated 2018-10-31 but is reposted today 2019-07-18? There are standards that apply to graphic symbols, namely IEC 60617 and IEEE 315 and especially 315A that implements the...
Creating and Destroying – the Routine of a White Hat Computer Engineer The Project Idea During a previous internship at IT cyber-security provider Tripwire, I learned about the dangers of using unencrypted communications while creating an HTTPS driven Webcam RC Car Drone. At the end of the...
24v truck battery at 90A each.. 2 batteries.. that's the regular setup of my truck.. the load is a 2 HID ballast 100W each.. to do it.. I have to use a duals witch relay.. making a tapping to load each ballast to 1 battery 12v 90A and the other ballast 12v 90A.. the ballast only starts to work...
____________________________ in the next :: to find -- the analytical method for converting the 2-XOR into the 4x NAND implementation -- is somewhat a tricky task. ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ____________________________ + some correlations with 3-xor // the analogy with the 2-xor's NAND-s...
Hi everyone I have a problem with overheating resistors. So basically it's a 24volt vehicle that had normal globes as rear lights I have replaced them with led lights the reason I put resisters is because the light module is picking up that there is no globes present and shows faults. The value...
I decided to make luxmeter, which has basic functions: 1. measure lux from 0 to 188000 lux 2. calculate watts/m2 3. charging using USB cabel via TP4056 board Basic sensor is MAX44009, which measure lux. I use Arduino Pro Mini as microcontroller. Totally it cost cca 13 $. Case is homemade...
I made a transformarless power supply 12v. But when i run it, it light my leds but the 5w resistor and 470uf capacitor getting too hot. I can't touch for minitues after i run it for less than 1 minitue it because of hot.
Iam planning to build a rich bass speaker, but really want to know I'd my component marched to each other to give out a sound powerful delivery. 1. 50w × 2 dual channel amplifier( 12v) 2. 50w x 2 full range 4" bass speaker. Then the challange I am having how is the find out how many lithium...
The symbols of Logic gates, OR, NOR, XOR, AND, NAND, Buffer, Inverter, Schmitt Trigger.
The symbols of L, C, R, Pot, Diode, Zener, Bjt, LED, Xtal, SCR, N, P MOSFET.
The symbols of N, P MOSFETs.
Pls my bluetooth speaker fell off my and hit the floor, since then the speakers( drivers ) changed. Anytime you played it it will be sounding like the speaker burst; "Po po po" pls what may be to cause and how can I fix it?
Hello, I post this on this forum, because I have a request that’s I don’t find the answer on internet. I want to make a stroboscopic lamp for my airsoft gun. My electronics skills are a bit higher than basics. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, but none was comporting a 3 led working under 5 V...
Pls can anyone help me to figure our where to connect Bluetooth module to this amplifier. Am just new on the DIY Bluetooth speaker project. I will appreciate your kindly direction and expert advice.
Hi, all... New here. Fired up a recent circuit having S8050, NPN transistors. (BJT) I could see it was conducting from Collector to Emitter. Thought I did something wrong, so I flipped it around. It still conducted. *&^%$#@! argh. I can't have the circuit conducting BOTH ways.... and I don't...
Has anyone made a lamp with a working meter in series?? Was wonder if any one had a diagram or could help me with wiring it up. Thank you.
[1]: Motivation AC loads are everywhere around us because at least home appliances are supplied with the mains power. Therefore, we always face the situations that we want to have full control (dimming) over an AC load such as a lamp, a motor, vacuum cleaner … etc. We should know that...
An FM transmitter is one of the most popular devices between electronic hobbyist, professionals and even non-technical people. In this article, we gonna learn to how to build an easy, stable and digitally controllable FM transmitter. For this design, I have selected the VMR6512 module which...