Candle machine

If you have been to a church where people light candles you may observe that when the place where the candles are lit is full, someone comes and removes some of them. Also, the smoke from the candles blackens the church walls within some years.
To eliminate this problems, my father and I built a machine which removes the candles from the candle place when it is full and also removes drives the smoke out of the church with a fan and a chimney (not shown in the pictures because it had not finished yet).
In the short pipes, which are arranged in rows, people place its candles. When the six blue infrared sensors (you can see them in one of the photos) sense that 5 candles have been placed in the first 3 rows near them, the PLC moves a bit forward the pipes as new empty pipes come up from the bottom. As more people place candles it moves forward as to make place for new candles. Before the candles fall in a box below the moving pipes their flame is extinguished by the three fans. In addition, if no more people put candles, the candles in the pipes wont be left to melt until they vanish but the machine will move them forwards and in a time of approximately 20 minutes the last candle will be extinguished in the box below the pipes.

For more photos see the related album.

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