Calibrating the Lighting System for the Home Theater using the SAM-IoT WG Development Board

In this part of the blog, I used the Light Sensor installed in the SAM-IoT WG Development Board to determine the maximum light output and minimum light output for the LED to be used in the lighting system.

In the video, a LED light was light with maximum voltage to see the response of the sensor to the output. The output value will be used to calibrate the four levels of lighting conditions as stated in the previous entries of this blog.

In the video above, the response of the sensor when there is maximum lighting is 100 and when there is no lighting is 0. With this in mind, I had calibrated for values of lighting level as discussed in the previous entries for the Lighting system of the Home Theater shown in the table below:

OFF0 - 25
LOW25 - 350
MID350 - 675
HIGH675 - 1000

These values will be used in the setup of the different LEDs installed in the Home theater.

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