Building a diy learning lab: Part I-Describing project

Ok, So I think that I will start a blog on this project and later move it to a thread if it becomes a project that others might find interesting. I doubt this will be of much use to anyone but someone in a similar situation as I am: a student with a very limited budget, learning EE/CE.

Problem: My Digital Systems class (basic class on logic, or something along those lines) has a lab that meets once a week. Its a 3 hour lab that has been split in two because of class size. Ive been placed in the second half of the lab section due to last name. I figure by getting my own "learning lab machine", I can go to the first half of the lab and go home early. :)

Solution: Create my own "learning lab machine"

What is it?: This machine is basically a breadboard with a built in power supply, a clock generator, 4 switches, 4 LEDs, a ground, and a few other things that I cant recall. The Lab TA mentioned that we would only be working with 5V, the breadboard, the switches and LEDs.

Do able?: Likely. This seems like a self contained breadboard with a few parts plugged in.

I figure the first thing I need to do is list what I have (part wise) and what I will probably need:

-What I have:
-What I need:
--Everything. :D (that is everything within my wife's blessing. :rolleyes: )

Ok let's get serious. This is what I think I will need:
--4+ LEDs
--4 Switches
--Power Supply

Im sure I'll need additional componets, but I dont have much of clue right now.

Let me do a bit of googling on what I need, and what I need to do.

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