Bring it on SOL!

I am awaiting my order for 108 solar cells.

The project for the DC only living space will be partial solar, partial wind.

I have started my calculations for the battery bank and have decided to stay with 6 - 8v DeepCycle batteries. The 8volts have a .11" thick plate size which is very good for the price I can get them for. I will connect them together in two - 3 battery groups. Then connect the two groups in parallel. That should leave me with 300ah at 24vdc each group for a bank total of 24v at ~500amp-hours.

My calculations are the total wattage in a battery pack divided by 5, which gives you the wattage available in the 20% of a battery you shouldn't discharge past for max reliability.
So the total I foresee available is (24vdc x 500a)/5 = 2400 watts. I figured on a 20% max discharge with these. Hopefully that will never happen, but I will calculate for that.

Duing daytime conditions, the average rating for the solar, will give me- 180 watts. So I should be compensating about ~10% of the load per hour during sunny conditions. These numbers do not account for the wind turbines output at all. I wanted to ensure redundancy in case of failure or the end of the world.

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