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Haven't posted anything blog wise in a while, just wanted to wish everybody a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas everybody!
So I've been out of work for about 5 months now, during that time I've searched for an electronics Tech position with out any luck. Whom ever said the job market is recovering is either A) a fool B) A liar or C) a staffing agency. That last one seems to be the problem really. Staffing Agencies...
So he is sitting here at this moment reading what i'm typing and was bugging the crap out of me because he thinks i have his dart board dart which i do not but it WAS fun to screw with him into thinking i do have it, but now it's becoming old and he doesn't realize it's most likely in his room...
I've been a member since (from what my profile says) 2010 and I've never used the forum really; just the textbooks as a reference. Anyway, I came across a thread the other day which mentioned the word "MemRistor" and watched the 6 min video about them and was mildly interested so i looked into...