Arduino Library for Proteus

Hello everyone, today I am going to share Arduino Library for Proteus. I have designed this library and you can download it by clicking Arduino Library for Proteus. We have designed this Proteus Library for Engineering students so that they can easily simulate Arduino boards in Proteus ISIS.

This Arduino Library for Proteus contains six Arduino boards which are named as:
  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Arduino Mega 2560
  3. Arduino Mega 1280
  4. Arduino Nano
  5. Arduino Pro Mini
  6. Arduino Mini
You can read more details about how to use this Arduino board in Proteus from Arduino Library for Proteus. Once you downloaded the file, now place it in the Library folder of your Proteus software.
Now run your Proteus software and search for Arduino in your Proteus components List. If everything goes fine then you will get Arduino boards in your Proteus workspace as shown in below figure:

Now you can test any of your Arduino Project in Proteus quite easily. I hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial and are gonna like this one. IF you have any questions then ask in comments. You should also check these Arduino Projects which I have designed using this Arduino Library for Proteus.
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