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I have been working in the field of electronics since 1987 when I went attended ITT Tech and received my Associate degree in Electronics Engineering. For my "Senior Project" I created a self leveling platform using motors and level sensors using potentiometers to sense the positions of the corners of the platform. Rudimentary, to see the least. But it worked.

This was back in the days before Arduinos, Rasp Pis, and even Blue LEDs. I remember learning that Blue was the only color that was impossible to create without using tinted plastic "domes." Anyway...

I have several projects I am currently working on. MyRobotBuddy, Arduino controlled model railroad system, and am just learning about the IoT. This is a great time to experiment and start living more like the Jetsons! Can't wait to share my projects with you, and look forward to hearing your critiques, comments, suggestions, etc.

As always ... Have a better day!

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