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Last time, I mentioned Chief M., an abusive type so bad that we got a sympathy card from his last command, and the "fun" the display techs had with him.

I was also put off by the man, so I had to butt heads when it seemed appropriate (daily). He always came in at the same time, so I could be busy up to that moment, dash into the shop and pour a cup of coffee. He came in every day to find me reading my mail and enjoying a cup of coffee. Got his day off to a good start.

The best one I managed to do on the chief was right after putting in a field change on a computer. Bob and I did the deed, but the computer did not come up. We were just starting to look into it, when Chief M. came in and took over.

He had no idea how to troubleshoot, so the process was to go to some point that had a bad signal and work back by each intervening element. Suggestions that it could save time to see if the signal had got generated to begin with got you chewed on.

We were resigned to a long time of it when our First Class came in. He and the Chief immediately started to argue about where to look next, so Bob and I quietly left.

The next day, it took us roughly 5 minutes to to get the computer running. We just popped the chassis bottom off and ran some black tape across the edge, where some fine wire had got pinched.

You should never be arrogant where others might know better. Life becomes one obstacle after another.

After a year's effort, I got the Chief to make a bad decision so he got pulled off hardware and put in charge of software.

I see where one of the (derogative term deleted) Vietnamese who captured Senator McCain says they were good buddies and nothing like torture ever happened. Wonder how the senator thinks about that.

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