A new new computer

Hi everyone

This is a much better version and it is to be the FINAL one. I should have done Z80 programming before making a program. Now i know EXACTLY what i need:

THe computer is comming along nicely, 6 registers A to F and i have a good system to make it flexable:

There are two bytes for ever instruction, the first four bits are a set of instructions, the second four bits are a second set of instructions, the next byte consists of two words, N and M

The instruction set means that you EITHER use the first instrution nibble or the second, cant use both. So you either have:

0110 000
0000 1011
1001 0101

the instructions say things like add register m to register A, This means the register LOCATED at N, not the N word itself. For example:


the word M is usually a number so if the instruction was:

it would take the value of M and add that to A and store in A.

But sometimes M and N are used together like in jumps, you need a byte for any decent program.

There are conditional Jumps like JP NZ and a new jump called JP D which means jump if the last compare instruction returned diffrerent.

There is a spereate memory unit for variables, this makes it easier to save and load.

You can load values from memory into registers and the other way round.

Im really excited and will be making it soon!
THanks for reading!

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