A new beginning...

So that's it, my new home. A modern backend for the forum and the other sections, moderators seem relaxed, and people are friendly. I like that place :)

For those that don't know me from my old place: I wont go into much detail as I value my privacy and always maintain a strict separation between work stuff and private stuff, but the relevant bit is that I'm an EE (amongst other things) who (when doing actual work) mostly works on RF stuff and have been for more than 2 decades. In addition, more and more of my time I now spend selecting and procuring test equipment for various labs around the world, which has given me a deep insight into the Test & Measurement market and familiarity with a wide range of test equipment.

I'll intend to use this blog to re-post some of my short reviews of 2nd hand test instruments, and post new reviews when the occasion arises. I might also post some short articles which show how to make most of a somewhat modern advanced digital oscilloscope (i.e. not treating it like an analog scope), as my sparse time permits.

Comments are allowed and welcome of course ;)
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