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Working every day enjoining life,setting up
color tv's. After starting radio & tv shop,
walking neighbor hood asking if they needed
radio repair. Turned out very good but long hours,starting family. Color t v came along
had to get up speed,became good at setting
color t.v.s,got several good contracts.
Woud go out on appointment to set up
a color t v,set had not been delivered.
Talk to store management,ended up in the
set up and delivery business.
Live in florida,from south never heard of
ice skating,the first ice skating rink was going to open in the area.Decided that I
was going to learn to skate.That would
have to be worked into all that I was
involved in,family,business community.
Out of the blue they started a ice
hockey league. I signed up to play,we had
to practice after regular hours.So to move
this blog forward,I was the last guy to be picked every year.Practice was great but
little playing time in regular games.
So it reminds be of the forum,being able
play,but coming in last. I would have
better at electronics if.

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