A light tracking circuit ver1.

This is a quick design of a light tracking circuit,
The video of it:

Here is the schematic of it:


it is a test circuit running a 5v. motor, when the light hits the left CDS cell the motor spins leftward, and the right CDS cell causes the motor to spin rightward, when no direct light (flashlight) hits either cell than the motor stops spinning.

The green LED's are indicators that the circuit is functioning properly on the sensor side, of the circuitry.

Because I have 2 different CDS cells (LDR's),
I had to bias the transistors accordingly to there specific parameters so the circuit works in conformity with both LDR's being of different values.

The LDR's could be mounted on the motor in proper perspective, to act like a light tracking object, right now it is designed and tested as a proof of concept design.

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