a first version of mini lathe motor speed control

Hi everyone, I've been working on a motor speed control for my mini lathe, because the board that I had in it finally blew out, after about 14 yrs. of hard use, I tried to order another one, but my minilathe, is outdated, so I can still get mechanical parts for it, but no more electronic speed controles for that size lathe.

I'm in the middle of a machining project, when this board blew out, so I needed to make a quick speed control with some torque control, (my version of torque control), to keep my lathe going.

I came up with this design, and built the whole system, and now I'm able to use my minilathe again.

With this project, I learned how to accomplish a design network for motor current feedback, to control the output voltage my circuit puts out to the motor, so as to increase motor voltage under load.

This system is only temporary to keep my lathe working,

However, I'm currently working on my PWM unit, for this lathe, now that I know how to design for motor current feedback, I can implement that into PWM, to give me the standard commercial, kind of electronic motor control with torque feedback, that these machines actually use.

Here is a quick video demonstration of this non standard way of motor speed control that I designed and built for temporary purposes of having my lathe working again.

In the playlist on my channel I did the whole video series from concept to final build, of this speed control, the series is called "completed series: building lathe motor control circuit"


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