4mA thru 20mA Loop to 0V thru +5V or +10V Converters

These circuits are for converting a 4mA thru 20mA Loop signal to 0V thru +5V , suitable for an ADC input or a +10V

When using a LM358 OPA, the closest specified lowest swing is approx 20mV above 0V.
If a full' 0V thru +5, +10V is required use a suitable rail to rail OPA.

Take care when using with a ADC that will not accept excessive outputs voltages from theLM358.
For example with a PIC if the OPA output could exceed 5V in operation, using a limiting resistor, that will limit the ADC input current to less than ~10mA.
The internal clamp diodes of the PIC are rated at ~20mA max.

A series 470R connected between the LM358 output and the ADC input pin will limit the clamp current to ~10mA, if the OPA output reached +10V.

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