zobel circuits, timing and resonance?....or is it?

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i stuck on something. i have a zobel circuit of one speaker of 8 ohms and a resistor and capacitor in parallel with the speaker. the capacitor and resistor are in series across the speaker.

am i right in thinking that the resistor is a timing element?
is the capacitor making a resonant circuit with the inductor.

when Xc = Xl power transfer is maximum?

is this the purpose of the capacitor?

i know it is supposed to stabilize the speaker. because without the capacitor, the impedance of the speaker will change with frequency. the amplifier output impedance will stay the same and will see the change of speaker impedance. this will cause power transfer problems.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Have you looked at the Wikipedia article:


The resistor and capactitor, combined with the impedance of the speaker, form a filter with specific properties. All of the components interact to achieve this, so it is difficult to claim that one particular element is a timing element.