Zero point energy and musings

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    Oct 14, 2008
    I've been doing some research on quantum mechanics, and wanted to share some ideas.
    from wiki:
    "the lack of an external field also means that there is no field between the plates, and no force would be measured between them. When this field is instead studied using quantum electrodynamics, it is seen that the plates do affect the virtual photons which constitute the field, and generate a net force[1]—either an attraction or a repulsion depending on the specific arrangement of the two plates."

    This statement is a description of an example where two, uncharged plates are suspended close together in a vacuum. It illustrates GRAVITY, the speed-of-light-force that makes all matter connected.

    The fact that we can't perceive this force is simply because it's traveling too fast, literally manifesting itself as TIME, or, the 4th dimension.

    Another thing quantum mechanics explains is THROW OUT ALL THOSE OLD RULES

    SO, can we take another look at zero point energy, or, the energy found in the "void" of atoms, the so called "vacuum-energy" which we now know to be gravity, and is an infinite supply of never ending force?

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    This constitutes quite a change in direction, so I am moving it to its own thread.

    Well, zero point energy was successfully demonstrated in "The Incredibles".

    Where do we find the "void" around an atom?

    Until someone finds the so-far mythical Higgs (I liked the older label 'intermediate vector boson' better) particle, nothing of substance is known at all about gravity, other than it can be demonstrated to exist.

    Especially of interest - how does one produce energy out of nothingness?

    Can you elaborate on "THROW OUT ALL THOSE OLD RULES", especially which ones?

    I believe that this -
    - might be an original interpretation of various phenomena. The connection between gravity and time is not well established. We perceive light perfectly well, which is another effect traveling at the the speed of light.

    Time, while not seeming to be in sufficient abundance, does not seem to be an FTL effect.
  3. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    I do a LOT of reading on science, and I've never seen anywhere that we need to throw out the old rules. Some of them might be reinterpreted a little perhaps, but as with Einsteinian physics compared to Newtonian physics, all you get is a reinterpretation. When they launched the Apollo to the moon it was Newton’s equations that were used, even though Einstein’s were more accurate. In much the same way Quantum Physics is supplementing Einsteinian physics.

    What you are referring to is the Casimir effect, which I have never heard your interpretation on. Wikipedia is your friend. is also a good read. I don’t always understand what I read, but I make the effort. Never stop reading.
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    Nov 9, 2007
    Conversation heard by a Somerset cider press.

    "'ere Jack what be ee doin lyin there with that gurt jug in thy 'and?"

    "Aar I be keepin the moon from fallin. Yer know that fella Newton he says it is constanly fallin towards the earth."

    "What ee mean? It ain't never fallen yet"

    "Well I be doin a right good job then, b'aint I?"

    "Well stop using up all that zero point energy and get ee up and about what I pays ee fer. Get an muck out the pigsty."
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    Feb 19, 2009
    You would use Newtonian Models too, if your fastest math assistant was a slide rule! :D

    (I'm a slide rule and HP RPN Junkie, opposite ends of the spectrum, not the same, as many think)
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    Betcha like the 4004 CPU too. :p
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    Feb 19, 2009
    I grew up in that era. Can't.... let.... go...
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    I share your slide-rule/HP-RPN obsession.