Zenith VCR Controller

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Need some HELP! I have called at least 8 Zenith Customer Assist numbers - to no avail! They just keep shuffling me from phone to phone.

I recently purchased a ZENITH ZEV208 VCR CONTROLLER. The enclosed instructions state:

1)For use with motion sensor activated camera systems.
2)Compatible with ZEV200/ZEV203 motion sensor activated cameras.
3)Only compatible with (PIR) motion detector camera.

I already have a wireless camera system (ASTAK Model: CM812T) that includes the wireless receiver to record with the VCR or play on the TV.

This ASTAK camera system will operate independently of the ZEV208 VCR Controller.

The ASTAK camera system does not have a "DISTRIBUTION" box to connect the ZEV208 Controller to a PIR Motion Sensor like the Zenith ZEV200/ZEV203.

I intend to have the ZEV208 operate concurrent with my present camera system and turn the VCR "ON" and "OFF" to save tape when motion is detected by a separate PIR motion detector. (The ZEV208 does have "learning" capability from the VCR remote control.)

QUESTION: Could anyone suggest, or do you know, of a "BATTERY OPERATED PIR MOTION DETECTOR" ( <$50) that can be used to activate the ZEV208?

Any suggestion on how to activate this controller, besides using the Zenith ZEV200 or ZEV203 cameras, will be appreciated.

There is no electrical schematic with the instructions, so I have no idea what the electrical "INPUT" requirements are. I DO NOT WANT TO DAMAGE THIS UNIT WITH IMPROPER VOLTAGE/AMP INPUT.

The only information I have for installation is to plug the RJ45 (3 wire, red, black & blue) plug into the AUX Socket of a Distribution Box which apparently comes with the Zenith camera systems.