Zelda Sound and Light project switch help needed!

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Ok, So I'm trying to make the item in the link below, a working Zelda Boss chest. The instructions assume you know how do the wiring job. But I need a little guidance. I tried looking through the forums but I don't think I found anything I could translate over to my project. But I am not an expert, so maybe I just didn't know. I can follow instructions well If you're willing to help me :)


I also want to make an LED light come on when it opens too. I have the switch mentioned in the instructions and I have soldering tools and the wire. I don't know if I need to run a wire from the MP3 player and the LED to the switch, meaning i should have multiple wires or not. I guess I have a lot of questions. I can use the MP3 player (instead of a sound recording module... unless it would be easier or wire that play button to the switch? would it?) but I didn't know if i could hook the LED light up to that board for a source of power. I don't know exactly what parts I would need, really that would be half the battle for me. Do I need a heat sink? Can I do this with just a regular LED bulb? do I need a resistor? I just need to make a light come on when the chest opens that glows a bit, I don't even need the light to go terribly far, I just need it to shine about a foot to make something in the box light up that will be translucent. Also, If I use the MP3 player, how do I attach the mini amp? I really am excited about all this but need some help since I don't know too much about this. Below are some items I was looking at that I thought I could use, but I don't know if they're too much for what I'm trying to do, or if they're even the right parts. The dome lens I wanted to use just to make my project look pretty and kind of as a buffer between the light and everything else. I will be hiding all the other electric stuff with a fake bottom. I would like to find the simplest most effective way to put this together. Opinions on parts and how to put them together would be greatly appreciated! :)








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What he wants you to do is basically this:

You should check first if the MP3 player works fine when constantly pushing the PLAY button. As soon as the box is opened the PLAY button will be activated all the time.
For the LED you could use the same power supply as for the MP3 player but you'll need a second switch. Could be the same switch with two independent contacts