Youtube can be maddening

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While looking on YouTube to see if there have been any new whiz-bang toroid winders, I found myself mired down in "free energy" crap almost immediately from "similar videos".

Some Funny Examples (in a sad way):
One guy was pointing out that the 'perfect part" of his toroid is where the coils were spaced far apart, or not wound all the way around, leaving the exposed core. By his logic, a core with no windings would be the perfect way to get energy, if he didn't have to "ruin the perfection" by adding windings to it.

Then, any time you do find a decent video on coil winding machines that may be for sale on eBay or from a business, all the related videos are about wind turbines, water turbines, etc and how to make the "perfect coils" for those. A few go so far as to take apart commercial wind turbines and point out how flawed they are.

The most hilarious one I saw was a guy who took apart a higher power wind turbine, and called the designers idiots for using such a large gauge wire for the windings. He proceeded to show his "hand wound" core that was made of a bajillion turns of 36 gauge wire, then put his voltmeter on both to show how much more voltage he got from his coil. He then suggested people buy his "hand wound" turbine coils from him to replace their "crappy manufactured turbine generators". He apparently didn't notice or realize the gearbox in front of the generator was to speed up shaft RPM in the high power unit, since he was only testing them with his home made, very low speed, vertical axis wind turbine, which the other turbine wasn't even designed for.

I really think people need to pass a test before they can get a DMM, force them to start out with a 1k/volt analog voltmeter. It would get rid of a LOT of these claims quickly and easily by putting a very tiny load on their devices.

They never look at or talk about current, only voltage, and the higher, the better. The comments are the worse part. Some people have tried to point out the obvious flaw with the 36 gauge wire and how it couldn't carry current, but that guy was thumbed down to the bottom and all sorts of others were asking the guy to wind coils for their $15,000 turbine so they could get more power from it. Reason being, the turbine they bought was obviously flawed, because it couldn't run their entire house without drawing power from the mains, even when the wind blew at 8-10mph for the whole day. They were all expecting to have their house powered and get paid for feeding the grid with a small home accessory turbine, like you'd use for a cabin in a windy area.

Had to rant a bit about it. I guess I'm disillusioned by the way many real/legit/helpful comments from othes have the highest thumbs down, when they simply mention "watts" or "current", they are obviously part of big energy trying to "keep the little guys down".

Sorry. Hope this doesn't fall into "over-unity", but I got frustrated when trying to find real information about toroid winding and videos of production facilities, I kept getting "hjacked" away to "wind turbines rebuilt to work better as water wheels" and crap like that. Nothing to do with a toroid.

How do these people invade legit YouTube areas to the point of making similar videos similar to everything? You'd think YouTube would kill keyword spamming if that is how they do it.


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Hi Thatoneguy.

I've been having the same problem lately with youtube and "similar videos" that have nothing to do with what I was looking up. I actually think it's even been getting worse. It is really starting to bug me the way they've set it up. I've also run across a whole bunch of morons who think they're making "great discoveries" in electronics that makes everything better, when they don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about! They think they're these great inventors who are going to make the world a better place by replacing this component with another one, and "Look how much better it works!", when it improves one minor thing but sends the rest straight down the tubes. Haha, there are times I just wish I could punch these idiots in the face! And I don't normally feel that way! I'm a peaceful sort of guy who usually wants to avoid violence, so that should tell you something :D I'm getting sick and tired of these idiotic youtube users, and the same goes for Instructables. Usually they're these stupid little kids who think they know what they're talking about, but they screw the project up majorly! There have been times that I've forced myself not to comment, because what would go down would be rather inappropriate :p

In short, I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, there's not much we can really do about it. *sigh* I guess that's life....

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Instructables has been more and more cult-ish of late. Once ANY new idea is given to them, they re-invent it a billion times, not even looking to see if their idea has been made already, and they post it.

Oh, and everything must have an Arduno. If somebody uses a PIC, they are a Heretic.

"Free Energy" is also an allowed topic on Instructables, which, since it is a "Learning site" sort of makes people think it is possible, if enough people try stuff that has been done a hundred years ago, but measure it differently today.

I don't really go there anymore. AAC knows when a nifty new something has been posted at Instructables, since we immediately get questions about it. :D