Your wildest job interview!

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    Feb 20, 2009
    It could be anything from responding to a delivery add and having the mafia show up and hand you a breifcase. Tried to get a waiting job and find out your really in a strip club or hooters. I know one time I responded to an AC work job that was a total scam. They wanted you to have your own truck and work for $4 an hour, then in 6 months they would pay the $100 for you to take the test. I've been on some hum-dingers.
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    Apr 6, 2009
    Ok, I'll bite... I drove down to Lynchburg, VA. for some cert tests, and interviews. I had my resume updated, and my education documents with transcript attached.
    I walked into an automated conveyor manufacturing shop, and a structural steel shop took the tests and then to the interviews. The general foreman of the conveyor shop asked me two questions:

    Can you read a rule?
    Can you weld?
    I stopped for a second and realised he probably couldn't read my resume!!!

    The foreman of the fab shop asked me...
    Do you like to "Feesh"

    I asked why??? He responded that he had a couple of "fellas" who would take off on tues. and not return till payday. I returned the question with... "Why are they still working here???"
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    Feb 20, 2009
    LOL , I had one friend that was a lazy hippie and plain just didn't want to get a job. He'd rather hustle all day and fish all night. So his girl made him apply each day or else she wouldn't "put out" or let him stay there. Well he would go out and apply for jobs and on the hours of available he actually wrote in "Low tide" So he never got a job.

    I went to another job interview at store when I was like 17- 18 or so. And realize I'm not a little guy I'm around 6'4 240#. Well the employer was really whacky and kept saying weird things I just didn't get. He then hints and ask if I wanted to smoke a funny cigarette. I was 17-18 and I wasn't shocked but it was a job interview so I said "Ahhh no but I don't mind if you smoke it." So he smoked it and was talking to me breaking down some paper boxes. He then say's I need to loosen my belt a knotch to let my brain get some air. I was like WTF does that mean and said listen I gotta go, gimme a call about the job. He insisted that was a common phrase but I had never heard it before. So I wasn't sure do I blow this off? Or smash him in the mouth with a led pipe. Realize I wasn't your typical 17-18 year old. I was on my own at age 15 and wasn't a saint. I just blew it off as that guys a freaking whacko and moved on. 2 years later I'm watching the news and see his picture on the TV saying he was charged with child molestation. It was like all the dots connected. I called the cops and reported my incident with him but never heard back. I guess he cut some sort of plea or something.