your weakest link

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Neil Groves

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What is your weakest link? mine is rushing projects to find out if they work and how they look, i'm impatient and this often results as happened today in leaving out links (in this case the power supply to the chips)....DOH! also i forgot a couple of breaks in the stripboard!



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I'm often guilty of the opposite sin - I analyze things over and over again, because I'm afraid that once I start to actually do anything, I might make a serious mistake. This is also known as "Paralysis by Analysis". And sometimes I'm just lazy.

Rushing projects is not necessarily a weakness. Try to build a team with someone who is slower but more cautious than you. He might catch a few of your errors and at the same time appreciate that you push the project ahead a little faster than he could. But if you prefer to work on your own, ask people in the Projects Forum here to comment on your designs. You will probably get an answer within a few hours, so even if you are impatient there is not too much delay for your project.

Another thought: It is perhaps useful to differentiate between a project and an experiment. As long as you want "to find out if they work" I'd say it is more an experiment or a prototype than a real project. Here it is actually a virtue to get things done as quickly as possible - the more experiments you do in a given amount of a time, the more you learn. Once you think that you know enough to build "the real thing", you can slow down a little and think more carefully how you can avoid mistakes.