Young Exc's 25-32

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    Apr 25, 2008
    I am going to attemp to speak to a group of young Exc's.
    They gather as a support group,I want to find out how much
    outside there corporate world how they help there community.
    How out they fund themself's and how much power they in there company.
    Do they just meet to exchange business cards or do they have a plan.
    I don't think they allow members over 32,so I want find out thru
    questions and statements if they dab into politics,If they have a
    mission statement.It will be interesing to find what young exc's think about the
    world around them. This is the age group that is on the Forum,so
    I will keep you guys In mind to motivate me. I will be looking for there
    electronic's and watch there fingers.