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i am trying to wire a medical sterilizer through a Honeywell hc900-30 controller. i have gotten everything wired my only issue is an electric ball valve has to be wired through a relay, the relay is a magnacraft, W389ACX-9, 120V 50/60hz.

it has 8 prongs:
1 3
4 6
7 9

i have two wires coming from the valve red,red.
two wires from the controller blue(nutral), and white(power)
and a constant power (white), and its ground(black)

i know that the constant power and its ground need to go to the A,B prongs, making the contacters move.

wondering if anyone would lend a hand. if you can try to "show" me what you mean. kinda visual guy.
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How is the ball valve supposed to interact with the relay? Open the relay when the ball valve closes? Close the ball valve when the relay opens? Something else?


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What exactly are you trying to do? Is the hc900 supposed to control when the ball valve actuator goes on and turns off? Can you post the specs on the electronic ball valve you are using? Do you have to use that specific relay? Need more info.