YNOT treadmill motor control board problem

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    Feb 25, 2011
    Hi All.

    I never received any formal training on electronics, but I learned a great deal because of helpful websites such this one!

    I have a problem with my YNOT Treadmill, with a motor control board . I have spent the last 3 months troubleshooting it, and now I am stuck, so hopefully someone will be kind enough to point me at the right direction.

    I have contacted the manufacture for technical support, but to no avail. They won't provide repair manual/schematics. They just want to sell a new board at outrages amounts of money and get you to buy a new belt while at it. I figured I could do better by fixing it myself, all the while learning about electronics which I enjoy greatly. :cool:

    I believe I put too much load on the board by not lubricating the belt properly, and burned a transistor/IC somewhere. It was working fine one day. I turn off the AC switch on the treadmill each time, thinking that would preserve the capacitors. The next time I turned on the AC switch, the treadmill turns on properly, but when I start the motor, it won't turn.

    I test schotty diodes and some transisitor (s9015 and s9014) and also i test transistor 78L05 and 7815 still working.

    I replaced MOSFET IRF4250 transistor but still not working motor.

    Can you help me traced what is the problem for this board.

    Please help me guys...
    [​IMG] 26022011015.jpg

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    Mar 17, 2011

    i think i can help, but i need a better pictures because i cant see the device numbers or detail
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Friend just click the picture and the picture will enlarge.
    Advance Thanks for the help. Tell me if you want more clear pictures then i again photo of it