Yes, I'm in favour of Capital Punishment!


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If other people are at risk it isn't the victims choice. We are talking about people who will do it again and again. The state does not need the victim's family to press charges. I'm not aware of any state or government that need the victims approval to press charges, especially in capital cases.

I think I've argued enough to the fact I feel stronger evidence is needed and feel it is overused. I will state if the criminal is guilty, it was done with no remorse, and in all likely hood it would be repeated the death penalty is appropriate. I suspect from your arguments there would never be any circumstances where it would be appropriate. That is the other end of the political spectrum, and I don't agree with it either.

I don't think it is appropriate to put other people at risk to make those against the death penalty feel good. They take no responsibility if the perp does it again and kills someone, which in my view is somewhat hypocritical. We do the best we can.
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Kudos to all you guys! You guys are so nice. You know when you come across somewhat bad people you realize real worth of nice people! Seriously, this forum is few of those forums where members don't have an attitude and they help you for the sake of help.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity.