Year long Senior design suggestions

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Hi all, I would like to get some input for ideas on a year long senior design project. We are in the beginning stages of idea development. Basically what I would have you all do is just throw some ideas at me. The general consensus of everyone including the professor is to go with something involving sustainability. This can be anything from redesigning a wind turbine to improve efficiency to some E.V idea or solar power adsorption chiller. If anyone has ideas on something they think could be improved in the sustainability sector please give me some ideas. This is for a senior project and not for me to profit on. Thanks in advance everyone.


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You could look into a fuel cell power source for animal confinement buildings. I seem to recall that animal waste-produced methane is a power source -

While I was at the U. of Missouri, a Dr. Gene Ianotti did quite a bit of research into a hog waste digester. You might be able to get to his results.

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It seems to me that the needed things all involve taking small amounts of power and combining them to be useful. Some way of accumulating solar, wind, bio, etc together to make a a real product. Good luck.