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    Mar 30, 2015
    Hi All,

    I moderate a Yahoo Group called ecbarter for the bartering of electronic components and anything related (equipment, cables, memory). The only things disallowed are For Sale, Want to Buy, and anything completely unrelated to electronics; there are many other venues for that. The group hasn't been very active, but I hope that will change now that I'm retired and have more time to spend on projects and promoting the group.

    The method I use for bartering is to use a verifiable source, such as Jameco, Mouser, etc, to establish the value for a part. That way both parties can feel like they're getting a fair deal. When I trade someone who only wants 10-99 of a part, I can usually give them a qty 100 price because I often by my parts in much larger quantity so I can get a good price.

    I will consider trades for small dollar amounts of parts, but prefer to do trades of sufficient value to make shipping costs negligible. I live in the USA and prefer to use USPS flat rate boxes, so shipping heavy items like transformers and hardware don't drive up shipping costs.

    I was having a problem with SPAM and had to resort to requiring membership to be approved and the first post being moderated; so anyone interested in looking at the databases of parts available will have to join.

    If you care to check it out, you can send an email to