XUP Virtex II Pro Board Help...

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    Sep 13, 2007
    This board is made by diglient- http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?Prod=XUPV2P&Nav1=Products&Nav2=Programmable

    I hope someone has used this board or something simliar and can help me out with this problem.

    I am having problems with writing data to a DDR SDRAM card which sits in a 184-pin Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM) socket on board an XUP Virtex II pro Evaluation board.

    I would like to write data to this card then send it to the PC.

    Can anyone guide me through step by step just how i can write this data onto the DDR SDRAM.

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Stuart Sutherland