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Xilinx two 4 bit adder + 7 seg display

Discussion in 'Homework Help' started by rawrinc, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. rawrinc

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    Apr 5, 2014
    Here is the assignment "For this project, you will be taking in two 4 bit inputs (A and B), adding them
    together, and then decoding the result into a format that a 7 Segment display
    supports. You must also indicate any overflow with an “o” on the display. "

    Everyone is struggling very hard with this because of our lack of knowledge and bad professor. I have this code:
    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    1. module Proj2Module(
    2.     input [3:0] a,
    3.     input [3:0] b,
    4.     output [3:0] sum,
    5.     output carry
    6.     );
    7.         wire cin;
    9.         assign cin = 1'b0;
    10.         SingleStage s0( .a( a[0] ), .b( b[0]), .cin( cin ), .s( sum[0]), .cout( ripple0 ) );
    11.         SingleStage s1( .a( a[1] ), .b( b[1]), .cin( ripple0 ), .s( sum[1]), .cout( ripple1 ) );
    12.         SingleStage s2( .a( a[2] ), .b( b[2]), .cin( ripple1 ), .s( sum[2]), .cout( ripple2 ) );
    13.         SingleStage s3( .a( a[3] ), .b( b[3]), .cin( ripple2 ), .s( sum[3]), .cout( carry ) );
    15. endmodule
    I read in a wiki that this SHOULD take in two 4bit inputs and add them together, but how do I decode this into something a 7 segment display could use? Very confused. Thanks for any help!

    EDIT: There is a pretty good chance I'm completely wrong, if so, how do I even go about doing this?
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