Xilinx CPLD Impact Programmer

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Robin Mitchell

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Hi everyone,

So I have a problem. Im currently figuring out how to use and program CPLDs with no tutorials or help references. So far so good. I have made my schematic, compiled it and ensured that it fits into the CPLD im using (a XC9536XL) and also run the PACE software to configure the pins.

There is only one problem. I have got impact to work but one thing i have no idea about is how impact works. So I have a user constraint file which contains info on the pinout of the configuration as well as other Xilinx ISE project files that contain info on my project. But how do I "Load" these files into pace? Does it do this automatically as well as automatically including the constraints file?

Also, when I loaded PACE from the project it had all the incorrect pins but I can load the correct ones by importing an other file with the extension ngd.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

All the best,