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Hi guys,

I have a small Xenon Flash Strobe (240V Powered) unit I am trying to fix and am trying to work out wheather it is the SCR at fault.

Passive test measurements: SCR (MCR100-6) has 0.7V drop between gate and cathode and no other pins have any continuity. 240R 5W resistors are reading right ohms value, no other components have been taken out-of-circuit and tested.

Active test measurements: There are two 240R 5W resistors on board with no DC voltage drop accross them, several greencaps in varying sizes from 105K thru to 473K all having DC voltage on them - No AC though, 1n4004 diode has suitable voltage accross it, pot has between 19VDC and 40VDC across it, there are several 1/4 resistors and small greencaps all without DC voltage accross them.

Ow and YES the fuse is in tact.

Could anyone enlighten me on what to try next or possible problems off the top of ye heads??