XBee (S2) configuration without X-CTU

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I am working on a contest project which features multiple Series 2 XBee (Zigbee) modules attached to different objects.

For the same, I need to develop an independent GUI based application for the user-end which enables the user to communicate directly with the network coordinator and receive/send data packets.

I am developing on Windows and I figured that I could use a Win32 serial library to communicate with the virtual COM port but I am still unsure about the configuration of the XBee S2 modules.

Most of the documentation online pertains to the Series 1 (802.15.4) chip and uses AT command mode. I found little (although not of much use) material on configuration through a serial library without using Digi's X-CTU.

I have a few questions related to the same:

1. Is it possible to configure the XBee chips directly through a C/C++ program that I could write? That is to say, can I alter the configurations such as the network ID, coordinator and destination addresses or just query the same from the device without using the Digi Windows API?

2. Can anyone point me to a useful resource(s) related to the same?

I admit it might sound trivial but this is my first experience with wireless communications and all help is appreciated.