xbee power down modes

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    I'm evaluating an xbee approach to one of my low power battery operated interfaces. I've been reading the specs for the XBee Pro 60mw and it would appear that there is no wake on reception. Could anyone with experience comment on a operational method that would draw the lowest overall power. My need is for the reciever to wake the micro via an interrupt as well.
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    I think you can use cyclic sleep mode of Xbee (view in datasheet). But my problem is here:

    A few day ago, I tested a module Xbee with 3V supply but it seemed dropping down voltage very fast. I read Xbee data sheet and I received "To improve low power current consumption, the XBee should set a couple of unused IO lines as output low. This can be done during application initialization as shown below..." But I don't know how I must do :(
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