X box with internet


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Hey buddy...where have u been?
I thought you left for good..

Nope, just been really busy with work and other things..... but I still stop by once in a while just to see what you guys are up to... How are things going for you??

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Nice to see you, I was worried about you u know.
I thought U got disappointed or somethin cause I never see ur posts.

I am good and still fighting as usual, Thanks

Did u know that my CNC Spindle is on the way. You were right when u said that it would take a year or so. I still don't have the linear bearings.
I bought a 1.5KW water cooled Spindle with a VFD drive. I'll show u later.

About the topic, I have a customer who wants to setup wifi with his xbox so I thought I'd first ask around before attempting to buy anything.
I have to check what type of xbox he has, but I believe is is a 360.
He wants it to be wireless.

So what do you say to this?


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My 360 has an ethernet port I think, need to double check though. Microsoft also make a wifi dongle.

[This particular 360 was picked up for cheap with a broken disc drive; it simply needed a little prying on the top of the tray and it works good as new!]


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As do some XBox360s. My daughter's Xbox360 (new model) has inbuilt wifi. I haven't found a browser or anything for it though. It just connects to the Live thingy and allows you to watch films and listen to music and buy new games at rip-off full prices.


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Luckily its a PS3.. It has a built in internet browser.. The xbox360 does not.
And I thought all PS3's have built in wifi.. The manual should tell you exactly how to set it up..