Wye Delta Transformation finding equivalent resistance Help

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I need help in this one Assignment Question. I have tried to solve it but could not succeed in it. After applying one transformation from wye to delta or delta to wye the circuit is getting very complicated.

Can anyone can help me in this one question?

I would be very grateful





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You need to start somewhere, any place but start.

If this could inspire you, look how I did it once, here

The pdf shows the whole process. Even the maths for that case.

Buena suerte.
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Hola Atif,

Could you show how many steps you did before finding it complicate?

Have you even looked at what I suggested?

Just by looking at your problem, less than 90 more than 10.


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Hola Atif. Any progress from your side?

If you show me the first transform (valid one) I would show the second one. The maths will be all on you.

Do you agree? If you like we could try to complete the whole thing that way.

Last night I worked out the complete solution by hand in 1h 40m.

Just a tip that is rarely explained: delta to wye creates resistors to be added and wye to delta creates resistors that would be in parallel with the existing ones.

If you proceed carefully, you will arrive to the right result.